Sabtu, 25 Agustus 2012

Best Action Movies Ever

1Die Hard
+12Die hard 1st, matrix 2nd... Finally a list that makes sence
+6Die Hard is the quintessential action film. You have a character than was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A band of terrorists hell bent on chaos. Great supporting roles and a wonderful villain in Hans. And lets not forget the humor in John Mclane as he tries to make light of the dark situation around him.

Die Hard is the movie that all other action films are judged upon. Enough said.
+5it is a pretty good movie, the coolest guy in the movie, is: the limo driver. he just kick-as
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2The Matrix
+10What a great begining and what a great end. We all don't like movies where the hero dies, but this one takes the cake. And all that moves. Yummy. You got to love this movies. Action, romance great story line all in one.
+4Oh this movie is great. This must be in the top ten list of best films... It is mind blowing and its story is too good to be true.. Its action romance freedom... Wow
+4Yea, no that's my stuff! I reckon its the greatest movie in the last few decades, it's got a super-revolutionary idea, it just blew me away. Plus it has the ever-amazing Keanu Reeves :P The whole series rocks... All for Zion!
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3Terminator 2: Judgement Day
+11Awesome action. In '91, this was the top of its class visual effects. I still think it is one of the greats.
+3Considerering the time it was produced, its the most awesome action movie ever! Suspense and action is combine with a apocalyptical, breathtaking story.
+2Car chases, truck crashes, gunfights, explosions, helicopter chases, motorbike stunts, a lot of broken windows, a nuclear explosion, thousands of bullets fired, mental hospital escape, warehouse break in, Arnold Schwarzenegger, bad language, tons of special effects and a minigun! One of the greatest films I've ever seen.
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+8The best War Movie of ALL TIME, It made my blood boil with excitement!
+6300 is the best cause of of all the gore and but shame Sparta didn't win
I amaze to see this film. It was rocking and I love to see it again and again. And one more thing which I would like to share is Please watch it experience it.
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+14If I make a list about good movies, this is always going to be on the top. Deal.
+6Can't go wrong with Ridley Scott
+4Freakin awesome choice!It's the best by far
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6Jurassic Park
+4great fan of this movie waiting for jurraic park next part...
+4I started watching this movie when I was 4... and I still watch it today! just an amazing movie
Amazing story. Sparked the imagination of millions. Still revered as a classic.
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+11The choreography of the fights in this movie are top-notch, incredibly unique, and eye catching.
+7This is a great movie according to me. Because it shows the power of a man. Even he is the only person who lives for himself and his group. Mostly I like the attitude of the Achilles. That's really great
+4I'm surprised no one else has voted for this movie masterpiece I mean sure it has 1 or 2 sex scenes but I just fast forward this movie is a heck of a lot better than die hard, terminator 2 but not the matrix! :D ;D peace out!
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+1Just as good as the first one! But with a little more action, with a very good story behind it all, one of my favorite one's
The aliens have freaking little mouths in their big ones
You can't go past this, belongs in the top 10 in my opinion.
9Star Wars
+1Star Wars practically buries all other action movies because 1. It is a classic trilogy of films that really strike your action loving self. 2. The action in the trilogy is amazing, no doubt. Go Star Wars!
+1Movies you can watch more then once a year

Robots that were beyond their time

FLIPPIN LAZER SWORD everyone has sword fought at least once
+1Really is a classic, the action and dialogue is so good in this movie, Harrison Ford is a crack up and so is Chewie!
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10The Dark Knight
+5Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now. So, we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not our hero. He's a silent guardian. A watchful protector. A Dark Knight.
+3This movie is the greatest movie of all time! Action movies are rising stock now in the movie industry! and this is a fine example!
+1Because the joker is a very unique character, a criminal genius capable of making batman hassles. The plot is also difficult to guess and advanced equipment in the Batman of course.